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The Process


         1. Draw for your group.


*    First, you draw for your partner because you will be working in groups of two students.

*    Then, you draw one from six Indian creation myths you will be working on.


         2. Find out the name of your tribe.


*    Read the myth you were given.

*    Search the Internet to find out the name of your tribe basing on the myth.

*    Learn the correct pronunciation of the name of your tribe to tell it to other students. As you know you should use a web dictionary because there is no rule for reading names of Indian tribes.

*    Answer these questions ----> QUESTIONS


         3. Prepare a poster.


*    Using given websites find out: where the tribe lives nowadays (in which state or states), in what kind of houses they live or used to live, and what are tribe’s traditional clothes. Search for pictures of houses and clothes.

*    Prepare a poster  (an A3 page) which will include information you found. Remember to write the name of your tribe at the top of a poster. There should also be included the pronunciation of a name. Put pictures on your poster and briefly (in one or two sentences) describe what they present.

*    Remember that you can include some additional information in your poster if you find it interesting and feel you want to share it with others. (Such titbit can be the name of a state the tribe lives in given in Indian language, e.g. Alaska means "place the sea crashes against".)

*    !!!!!!! You do not have to use exclusively websites given here, feel free to use your own:)



            4. Make a house.


*       Design a house of the tribe.

*       Think which material to use to easily make such a house and make it.

*       Remember to do it carefully and  aesthetically because it will be seen by other learners.



            5. Translating the myth.


*                Now your task is to translate an assigned myth into Polish.

*                Remember it is going to be published so use good Polish so that it would be understandable.



         6. Presentation to class.


*    You will present your projects in front of the class to do a mini rehearsal.

*    Remember to be prepared well.



         7. Final presentation.


*    You did all the job and it is time to present your projects to wider audience – students of 7th and 8th grades.

*    You will gather in tribal powwow to show your projects. There will be a display of your houses so that everyone present could see them.

*    Remember that you have to do your best to be appreciated. Think of dressing up as Indians. Your teacher will prepare Indian music.




         8. Helpful websites.
















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